Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thunderstorms Tuesday evening

6:40pm Update:  Thunderstorms will continue to fizzle as an old outflow boundary continues to move west - away from the Stateline.  One storm near Amboy will still produce heavy rainfall, but the overall coverage of storms will continue to decrease through sunset.

Isolated severe thunderstorms developed southeast and east of Rockford along an old outflow boundary Tuesday afternoon.  Reports of dime to nickel sized hail came in from Fairdale to Belvidere.  There were even a few reports of pea sized hail southeast of Rockford.

Outflow boundaries from those storms have allowed new thunderstorms to develop over Stephenson, Ogle and Lee counties.  These are not severe, but will likely produce very heavy rainfall and small hail.  We'll lose *some* of the instability once the sun sets, but with lingering outflow boundaries it's possible additional thunderstorms could occur overnight.

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