Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tornadoes Touch Down Wednesday Evening in the Stateline

In all there were four confirmed tornadoes that touched down in the Stateline Wednesday evening.  Two in Green County and two in Winnebago and Boone counties.

The first tornado to affect northern Illinois occurred around 8:15pm, touching down two miles southeast of Cherry Valley near the intersection of Burton and River roads.  This EF 1 tornado was on the ground for six miles before lifting south of Belvidere.  Maximum sustained winds were around 100 mph.  It lifted at 8:22pm.

The second tornado quickly formed after the first near the intersection of Genoa and Huber Roads around 8:23pm- directly impacting a farmstead just west of the intersection.  This EF 1 tornado was on the ground for 1.6 miles and had maximum sustained winds of 100 mph as well.  It lifted around 8:25pm.

Two other tornadoes occurred in Green County Wednesday evening south of the town of Monticello.  These, too, were rated EF 1 tornadoes with maximum wind speeds of 100 to 105 mph.  The first tornado occurred near Faith Engineering, damaging two buildings.  A trailer was flipped and multiple trees were either snapped or uprooted.  A dumpster was also blown across Highway 69.  Maximum wind speeds with this tornado were estimated at 100 mph.  It was on the ground for only half a mile and was 150 yards wide.

The second tornado occurred roughly five miles south of Monticello, beginning at the intersection of Highway 69 and Cold Springs Road.  It was on the ground a little over two miles before lifting near the intersection of Sulzer and Feld Roads.  A barn and pole shed were destroyed, four houses sustained damage and four power poles were either snapped or uprooted.  This was also rated an EF 1 tornado with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph.

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