Saturday, June 24, 2017

Lingering Low Brings Storms; Cooler end to the Weekend

That occluded low to the northeast has lingered, and since the jet stream is nearby it allowed for a trough to develop to the northwest of us.  Thunderstorms and showers have developed along the trough, and is tracking in our direction.  The storms aren't severe, but they may produce some gusty winds.  Luckily the storms have been dying down, but the rain has remained.  Even though the storms are dying down, we may still hear a few rumbles of thunder along the stateline while the storms continue to die down.  The line will mainly move through our northern counties: Green, Rock, and Walworth.  However, we can't rule the line dipping down into the counties just south of the Stateline quite yet.  The trough will move out a little after 10pm, where we'll stay mostly clear afterwards.

Once that high pressure system to the northwest tracks closer, which will happen tomorrow night, it'll push that low to the east and keep pop-up showers and storms away from our area.  We'll see cloudy skies on Sunday and Monday, but more sunshine is expected on Tuesday when that high moves directly over our area.  Another low moves in on Wednesday, which will bring back warmer temperatures and thunderstorms.  We'll warm back up into the 80°s by the end of the week, but thunderstorms will stay with us from Wednesday to Friday.  However, the storms are expected to clear out for next Saturday.

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