Sunday, June 4, 2017

Weekend heat gives way to a more comfortable start to the work week

We had a little taste of summer this past weekend with highs warming into the mid and upper 80's, touching 90 degrees in Rockford on Sunday.  Humidity was also high with dew points climbing into the mid 60's Saturday afternoon.  That helped fuel the heavy rainfall for some during the day.

A cold front has passed bringing the comfort level back down for Sunday evening.  Winds will shift around to the northeast for the start of the
work week and this will help keep highs in the mid 70's through Thursday afternoon.  High pressure then moves southeast, shifting winds around to the south, and eventually southwest for the upcoming weekend.  This will bring temperatures back into the 80's, but also pull in a little more humidity.

The majority of the week will remain pretty dry.  High pressure blocks most of the moisture and storm systems to the south and west.  This will leave the Stateline with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies through Thursday.  By Friday a weak front will roll through which could ignite a few isolated showers and storms.  That front is then pulled back north as warm front by Saturday evening.  This, too, could bring an isolated storm or two Saturday evening/night.

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