Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hot, Hot, Hot

The heat wave is underway as temperatures have gotten into the upper 80°s to low 90°s in the Stateline.  We've also had some breezy conditions today with wind speeds hitting around 30 mph.  Sadly the winds aren't cooling our temperatures much, but those will cool off a little more once we move through the evening.  The beginning of the evening will be fairly warm in the upper 80°s, but around 8pm our temperatures will cool down to around 80°.  This will allow for a beautiful evening, especially since our skies will continue to stay clear through the overnight.  Thus, we'll get to see the sunset! Even the overnight stays nice as temperatures will be in the low 70°s and with the clear skies, it'll be the perfect night to look up at the stars.

Tomorrow is going to be almost a carbon copy of today, except our wind speeds will be a little lower with wind gusts at around 30mph instead of 40mph.  Temperatures will warm up a little more into the mid 90°s to start the work week as a few low pressure systems will track through the plains and keep the inflow of heat going.  This will also bring us a chance for some isolated storms from Monday to Wednesday.  Thursday we get a break from the storm chance and the hot temperatures, as northwesterly winds will move through and cool us down into the mid 80°s.  Friday our isolated storm chance returns, but a larger storm chance is in play for next Saturday as temperatures will warm back up into the low 90°s, with a cold front moving through during the afternoon.

During the upcoming hot weather be sure to stay hydrated, not stay out in the sun for too long, and DO NOT leave pets or children unattended in your car.

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