Friday, June 9, 2017

Upcoming Heat Wave

We had a fairly nice start to our Friday, but sadly it was disrupted by the incoming heavy rain showers and small storms.  Our storm chance stays with us until about 10pm, when temperatures will start cooling down more quickly.  Between 10pm and 1am is when all the storms and rain will move out.  Afterwards we'll stay partly cloudy for the overnight with temperatures in the mid 60°s.  The weekend is going to be the start of a streak of hot weather, and we'll start tomorrow with temperatures in the low 90°s.  A low pressure system that moved in today brought us up into the upper 80°s, but another low will move in to take its place tomorrow and amp up our temperatures.  The second low will linger with us through next week, which is why our temperatures will stay in the 90°s for quite some time.

Along with that, the temperatures will gradually get hotter as the low pressure system lingers, peaking in the mid 90°s by Wednesday.  As those temperatures get hotter our storm chances will start to go up.  We stay dry for the weekend, but by Monday the temperatures will warm up a little bit more to the point where a few isolated thunderstorms have a chance for developing.  We keep that chance through Tuesday, with a chance for some stronger storms on Wednesday when our temperatures get at their hottest.  Afterwards the heat will back off a little bit as that low will track east, bringing some cooler air into our area.  This will cool us down into the mid 80°s to end the work week.

For the weekend, since we'll be seeing clear skies and plenty of sunshine with the heat, be sure to stay hydrated and seek shade if needed.  Also, do not leave your pets or children in the cars for any reason

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