Saturday, June 3, 2017

Drier Weather Moving In

Isolated thunderstorms are popping up across the Stateline, but at least we've been getting some sunshine with those breaks in between the storms.  The storms aren't expected to be severe, but they are producing some heavy rainfall.  The storms will clear out between 10pm and midnight, as they are being driven by daytime heating and moisture inflow.  However, with that moisture inflow we could see some light rain linger after the storms move out, but that rain would only last until around 1am.

The weekend started a little rough with the storms, but we get to enjoy lots of sunshine for the end of the weekend and next week! We hang on to the upper 80°s long enough to enjoy it with some sunshine tomorrow, but we'll cool down into the 70°s afterwards as a high pressure system will move in during the week.  Temperatures will only cool into the low 70°s to start the week, but gradually warm up into the upper 70°s to end the work week.  Along with that, the high pressure system will keep our skies clear for the entire week, keeping us rain-free and giving us lots of sunshine.

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