Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nicer Weather Ahead

We've had a beautiful day here in the Stateline, and you can't ask for better weather than this on Father's Day, especially after the strong storms that moved through our area last night.  We reached the upper 70°s today despite those clouds, but we still got to see a good amount of sunshine.  Clouds will decrease as we move through the evening tonight, and we'll hang on to the low 70°s before cooling to the low 60°s during the overnight.  Clouds will build back up tomorrow as that low to the northeast will still have a small influence on our area, with a chance for some light rain showers up north. A high pressure system will move in on Tuesday to replace it and bring us more sunshine to go along with those temperatures in the mid 70°s.

Another low will move in Wednesday and bring us some storms during the overnight, but it'll stall through Thursday due to the jet stream having a more meridional flow, meaning non-linear.  Since the low will stall, we'll have a chance for storms during the afternoon on Thursday.  The storms are not expected to be severe.  However, the upper level jet will return to being zonal, or linear, by Thursday evening and the low will clear out of our area.  Once that happens, we'll see more sunshine for the rest of the week and maintain those temperatures in the 70°s

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